/My Lagos Story: The Yellow Bus Experience

My Lagos Story: The Yellow Bus Experience

This is a series of real life events experienced by a young lady from Abeokuta who recently relocated to Lagos. Halima will be sharing her experiences as a young Lagos “hustler” . On this week’s my lagos story, Halima will be sharing her experience in an Ikeja bus.

I was in a bus heading to Ikeja some days ago and while we were waiting for other passengers to leave their homes. The guy sitting behind me decided to come down and urinate just when the bus was about to move. We were all OK with it, then the brother continued urinating after 3 minutes.

At this point passengers were already telling the driver to leave him behind. Luckily for him, his friend was in the bus with us and begged us not to. 5 minutes later, this guy was still urinating and then one woman turned to his friend and asked “s’omu koko alata ni” (did he drink a peppered pap)?

And everybody started laughing but since I didn’t get the joke, I was just an onlooker. He finally finished emptying himself so we get on the road. We got to iyana ipaja and as usual, some passengers had to come down so one woman that had to move for someone else to come down suddenly shouted “ahnahn!” So I look back and found out the man stepped on her while trying to come down from the bus. Understandable uhn? !

Thought so too till I heard her shout again accompanied with some snapping.  She apologized but this woman wasn’t having it. Going on about how she should look down at people’s feet before moving around. The innocent lady apologized again and jejeli went back to her former seat, and this woman kept hissing.

Like that wasn’t enough drama, while coming back it was Tom Cruise’ bus I took- let me explain; we encountered one maaaaaad traffic and this driver switched lanes to the other side!!! Yo! We were driving one way in the night and this guy was just swerving anyhow.

Passengers started shouting and the only person I was pitying was the woman sitting exactly at the door with a small baby in her arms. The conductor wasn’t helping matters either, instead of him to beg the other drivers he was insulting them.
All of a sudden the bus stopped and I saw a policeman talking to the driver. I was happy ehn, thinking “good for you. I’m kuku almost at my stop. I’ll just leave you so they can carry you to the station.” But to my surprise, this policeman jumped on the bus and started helping us clear the road!!! Man!! We started laughing.

As the police was now our escort ehn, we were able to move past the traffic in a short time and linked back on our own road. Ladies and gentlemen! When I got to my bus stop, the way I hurriedly came down from that bus ehn you’d think somebody/something was chasing me.

Got a Lagos story you’d like to share, you can share it with me in the comment section.

Halima Bakenne

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