/ Common Wedding Planning Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, particularly for couples who adopt the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach. Things can get real difficult real fast, especially where there isn’t enough time, energy, and experience required to take care of all the annoying, stressful, and boring details often involved in setting up a wedding.

But although the stakes are always very high, planning a wedding can still be fun, especially where couples can resist the obsession to attain perfection at all cost. Listed below are certain errors to look out for if you don’t want your wedding to be a lot less enjoyable experience.

N.B: In this article, I have singled out the brides, obviously because organizing a wedding isn’t exactly men’s favorite hobby.

  • Embracing All the Tasks

Dear bride, it’s totally fine if you decide to be the boss, but it’s a mistake to think that one person can handle all the details associated with planning a wedding. There’s do-it-yourself, and there’s overdoing yourself. Know which tasks to embrace and which ones to delegate. Get able people to handle all the menial, unwanted tasks such as monitoring vendors, overseeing setups, and handling IVs distribution. Enlist your friends and family – they will be flattered that you asked them to participate in planning your big day.

Remember, there are no awards for the bride who does every single thing by herself.

  • Shoving the Budget Aside

The worst way to start a marriage is by having so much debt to deal with. And it’s so easy to overspend when there are no clear financial boundaries. This is perhaps the most compelling reason why a budget is the first and most important step to observe before proper planning commences. Once you come up with a number though, stick with it—doing otherwise defeats the whole purpose of having a budget in the first place.

Hopefully, you can come up with a shrewd budget and still have a classy, elegant wedding.

  • Not Acknowledging Your Guests

This goes to both the bride and the groom. Whatever you do on your big day, create time to acknowledge all—or at least, most of—your guests. This can be a highly stressful exercise, especially where you have invited too many people: still, try to say ‘hello and thank you’ to everyone who has made out time to grace the occasion. To do this, you may decide to roam around the table as your guests fill their stomachs at the reception or you may stand at the end of a receiving line after the ceremony.

  • Stressing Over the Small Stuff

Planning a wedding can suck the life out of you. Tension and stress can quickly build up. Certain people and events might disappoint and frustrate you. And in a bid to perfect every detail, you might get incurably obsessed and lose yourself. Look, don’t kid yourself—there’s no such thing as a perfect wedding.

You’re not superwoman, so don’t act like one. Always have your eyes set on the bigger picture. Overthinking things, doubting your choices, and stressing about the small stuff will easily stress you out. And if you drain yourself out before the wedding, how can you even enjoy the ceremony? Your time and effort would end up a complete waste and you would hate yourself for attempting the impossible.

  • Trying to please everyone

Hey, no matter what you do, you can’t please everyone, so don’t even bother. Making desperate efforts to see that everyone enjoy the ceremony at the expense of your own happiness and satisfaction isn’t exactly the wisest idea. Delegate functions, find trusted bridesmaids, conserve your energy, find time to eat, and generally have fun—it’s your day after all. Do whatever you want. You deserve to get the wedding of your dreams.

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