/Where to find Single And Eligible Bachelors in Lagos

Where to find Single And Eligible Bachelors in Lagos

It’s an entirely different thing finding love and a different ballgame keeping love in Lagos. Sometimes I wonder where the so-called “good guys” in Lagos are or where I can find one?

I have always heard my friends say “I met a cool guy in Lagos” but since I relocated to Lagos about two months ago, I can’t say so for myself. Even Bankyw sang it in his Gidi love song about looking for true love in Lagos. Is it that scarce? Should I say there’s nothing like true love in Lagos or everyone just goes with the flow here? Or am I not going to the right places or meeting the right people?

Anyway, still on my search for true love in Lagos. I guess I’ll go out more and enjoy my single life for now maybe I might meet “the one”.

In case you have that special someone in your life that makes you happy, just cherish and keep such a person. And by the way, are you planning a fairytale/ dream wedding, trust ogaVenue to help you find and book amazing Event Venues for your Wedding anywhere within Nigeria. Till then, I’ll continue in my search for True Love.

If you know where I can find single and eligible bachelors in Lagos, kindly comment.



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