/Everything You Need to Know About Engagement Ring Shopping

Everything You Need to Know About Engagement Ring Shopping

There are so many things that lead to getting down on one knee and popping the question to your fiance-to-be. Of course, the relationship has to get there first. You’ve found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Congratulations! The next step is buying the engagement ring and that can get tricky, but don’t worry. Here is everything you need to know about picking out the ring for the one.



Before you purchase anything big, you really should consider your budget before you begin shopping, even ‘window shopping’. This will help guide you through the whole process and keep your spending in check. Take a look at your finances and figure out how you want to buy the engagement ring. Depending on your bride-to-be’s taste, you may not be able to buy the ring without some sort of financing, like a loan or credit card. A lot of jewelry stores allow you to finance the ring, but be sure to look closely at terms and conditions as there may be a very high interest rate. If financing isn’t the option for you then you should determine the budget for how much you will spend. Once you choose a number, stick to it so that you know you can afford the engagement ring!


Ring Sizing and Style

If the engagement is going to be a surprise, then asking for the ring size is not an option. Instead, you can get the help of friends or family! They may be able to get the size without any suspicion or hints to your partner. Another option is to grab a ring they own and measure it yourself or take it to the jeweler. When the time comes to propose, it’s not the end of the world if the engagement ring needs to be resized. It’s very common!


Sizing is also important to style because you want to make sure the ring fits with your bride’s wedding ring, as well. She will be wearing both rings so the fit should be flush together and comfortable. If you’re really concerned about the fit of both engagement and wedding rings, look at bridal sets. These are designed to be worn together as an engagement ring and wedding ring. Bridal sets are unique and often have intricate patterns that are especially beautiful. If you’re looking for a more modern wedding ring, then a bridal set might be the best option!



The metal you choose should be based on your partner’s likes and dislikes! Most women have a particular preference for gold or silver toned metals. If you’re not sure and you can’t ask, then notice the jewelry she likes to wear. It doesn’t matter if she’s a fashionista or rarely wears anything sparkly, this will give great hints on her jewelry style including the metals and stones she prefers. A couple of popular metal choices are yellow gold and rose gold. Yellow gold is a classic choice that really accentuates any stone. Rose gold has become very popular recently for its romantic pinkish tint.



There are so many options for stones, but don’t be overwhelmed! The most obvious choice is a diamond. The classic stone is stunning and extremely beautiful. When searching for a diamond, you should keep in mind the 4 C’s. They are cut, color, clarity, and carat. Cut is not the diamond shape (like a princess or pear), but the proportion and symmetry of the stone. When looking for a diamond, buy one with the best cut you can as it will directly affect the sparkle! Color is a measure of how colorless and clarity is a measure of blemishes inside the diamond and carat is the weight of the diamond. There are several rating systems out there to know how to buy the perfect diamond. If you’re looking to be unique then you can always consider a gemstone instead, like sapphire or ruby.

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