/My Lagos Story – A Soldier Slapped My Bus Conductor

My Lagos Story – A Soldier Slapped My Bus Conductor

On this week’s my Lagos story, Halima will be sharing her experience in a Lagos yellow bus.

Let me start from the beginning Y’all! I took the Yaba bus from Ojota and as we were about to move, a man wearing “normal clothes” entered. I heard the conductor tell him N100 before he entered but I didn’t pay any attention to them after that.
So we moved forward a bit and the guy started collecting money. Time for BABA to pay and he gave the conductor N50. My guy started to para and kasala busted!

Conductor: Oga, I tell you say Na N100 when you entered!
Oga: You dey craze?!!!! Shey, I no tell you say Na N50 I go pay! 🙄
Please note that the door was not closed and the conductor was halfway-in-halfway-out, using the roof to hold himself. The Man was also sitting at the third row, the one with the extended seat by the door (if you still don’t know the seat, I can’t help you 💁)
After a few seconds, the conductor surprisingly let go and took the money like that. But as he stretched his hand to collect money from the people at the back, the soldier slapped him!
Guys!! That’s when the real trouble started!! 😱😱😱
Conductor: Why you slap me like that!!!!! Shebi I don collect your money!!

Oga: You still dey talk! You know me? Do you know me??! I go show you today!!!

That’s how he brought out his phone and started pressing some random keys.
At this point, I was just praying that he wouldn’t push the conductor into coming traffic! 🙏
Anyways, everybody on the bus (including the driver) started begging this man and he was still fuming!
I got confused and mad at this point because they all just ASSUMED that he was military!!
I mean, this guy was wearing plain clothes!

Anyways, we got to Maryland and they dropped him.
It was then that our conductor started making mouth about how he would have beaten the guy! Yinmu
That’s also when everybody else admitted that he was in the wrong! SMH
I sat there asking myself “Halima, exactly why didn’t you take a cab today?”
Didn’t have any other answer except “To share My Lagos Story”
But really guys, what would you have done if you were on the bus?

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