/How To Survive Valentine’s Day As A Single Lady

How To Survive Valentine’s Day As A Single Lady

Valentine’s day is around the corner and as we all know it’s a day of romance for lovers. It’s easy to get jealous and frustrated as a single since lovers would be sharing cute “lovey-dovey” photos on social media. So to avoid brooding and being depressed (it depends on you) on Valentine’s day, these tips will help you survive saint Romeo and Juliet’s day.

  1. Don’t try to get a man. Between now and February 15th, Don’t try to get a man. You’d only get depreseed Don’t go out of your way to look for a man all because your friend is making you feel bad about being single. Don’t try to lower your standard and date anyone that comes your way because you want to tell people that you are also in a relationship or show people your “bae” bought you gifts.
  2. Love Yourself.  Don’t be jealous of your friends that are in a relationship. It’s okay to think about it, cry or be a little sad but don’t let it consume you. Don’t ruin a lifetime of happiness just because of one day. There are other days to show love and be loved.  Enjoy being single, you can also write yourself a love letter, buy gifts and don’t deceive yourself by saying you don’t feel bad but if you do, let out the emotions, express it.
  3. Don’t hang out with your married or your friends that are in a relationship. This is a No. They will obviously be “lovey dovey”. You don’t want to be the third wheel. Don’t let them hook you up on valentine’s day. Why that particular day? It will only make you feel sad. Hook up with your other single friends who have the same mindset and gist about things.
  4. Avoid Romantic Spots.  avoid it at all cost, places where couples will go to and even propose.  And if you decide to stay at home, buy a bottle of wine, have a warm bath, order pizza or buy chocolates and watch movies throughout the day. Pamper yourself. Don’t watch an emotional movie that will make you mop, watch a horror movie or something funny.
  5. Get on with life. Don’t let one day decide your happiness.  Tell yourself it’s one day you’ll survive and move on. Tell yourself love will find you. And again love yourself.


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