/Cool Places To Meet Single And Eligible Guys And Ladies In Lagos

Cool Places To Meet Single And Eligible Guys And Ladies In Lagos

Wait! How do you expect to meet people if you don’t go out? I mean, Prince Charming or Cinderella will not just appear in your house you know? You need to let loose and learn to be more outgoing. If you are an introvert like me, this post is specially for you. So while you are wondering and asking, where can i meet a cool Angel in Lagos? I mean an angel that isn’t a heart breaker or a gold digger. So, if you would like to meet an eligible one the conventional way. I have compiled a list of places to go that you can meet single and eligible guys and ladies in Lagos.

Cool Places To Meet Single Guys And Ladies In Lagos

Owambe; Yes, I said it, a typical Nigerian party is an example of places to meet single people. If you are a part of the bridesmaid or groomsmen, the better. You get to meet and mingle with the grooms’ friends and if you are in luck, one might be single. Attend the after party if you must and also the bachelor’s eve. If you don’t have a party to attend, gum body to a friend. Your friend will know a friend that knows a friend. Don’t go and do “mogbo mo branch” though. Just try to look good, don’t form and be yourself. Enjoy yourself while at it.

Churches; Can you meet a cool dude or lady in Church? Capital YES! Churches are like mini communities and lots of programs are held. You can genuinely get involved in activities and who knows. A brother or sister can notice you. Don’t pretend to be a churchgoer just because you are looking for bae.

Gym And Fitness Centres; Have you been noticing fine men and ladies at that gym close to your area? It’s a sign for you to register at the gym. Who knows, your potential bae might be on a treadmill waiting for you. You don’t want to keep him or her waiting, do you? And most people that visit the gym are usually hot. P.S I didn’t say that.

Afropolitan Vibes; It is a live music concert held every month at Freedom Park. If you are a music lover, you can as well get a table, order food and a drink and groove to the music. Your potential bae and you might have the same taste in music and oh well, you can start things from there.

Tour Groups; There has been an increase in the number of tour groups now and the number keeps increasing. You can decide to go on a trip as a single and meet other single people. It tends to be fun as you get to interact with new people. Just like how a popular celebrity went on a tour to Olumo and she met her potential bae. They wouldn’t have met if she hadn’t gone on the trip. So, pack your bags and go on that trip you’ve been postponing.

Nice Bars And Lounges; It could be located in a hotel or a restaurant. You can order a mocktail if you don’t take alcohol. You can mingle over drinks while standing or sitting. A lot of working-class eligible men hang out in bars and lounges.

In conclusion, be adventurous, do what you haven’t done before, be intentional about everything you do. You might just run into bae.

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