/What’s The Big Deal About Party Jollof Rice?

What’s The Big Deal About Party Jollof Rice?

Big deal about Party Jollof Rice

Is it just me or party jollof rice is overrated? Don’t get me wrong though, I love eating jollof rice but i just don’t think party jollof rice is all that. I have been to parties where jollof rice was served and it wasn’t tasty. or have been going to the wrong owambe?

I get the whole firewood concept but really, not all party jollof rice is tasty abeg. Trust Nigerians to hype and overrate things. I’m not just saying party jollof rice is overrated but it’s just the whole idea of going to parties and assuming that the jollof rice would be tasty. Some people believe jollof rice prepared at home is really nice but regular, while the one prepared at parties is the bomb; smoky, giving it a mouth-watering taste.

Like I get really tired of hearing it, can you believe it actually trends on twitter?. People even compare jollof rice to relationships. And I’m usually like did Jollof Rice just dawn on people or it just came into existence? Think the hype needs to stop.

Rice is rice! It comes in varieties, end of story. If you prefer a variety to the others, good for you. Don’t come and make one superior because you prefer it.

That’s my take on it. I still prefer my home cooked jollof rice to party jollof rice. Anyway, my jollof rice is on the fire and it’s burning. Got to go.


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