/Akwa Ibom Traditional Marriage Requirement

Akwa Ibom Traditional Marriage Requirement

Located in the South eastern part of Nigeria with Ibibio as the most ancient ethnic group. Akwa Ibom is a home of tourist attractions. Norms, taboo, customs and traditions are the same.

Marriage plays a very important role in the Ibibio society, there are elaborate ceremonies on it before, during, and after the formal handing over of a girl or woman to her suitor. The bride price practice of giving out a ‘long and rich’ list, has been in existence for a very long time.

The processes include:

  • Ndidiong Ufok (know her house):  The groom to be visits the bride’s family with wine. He will state intentions to marry her. If the bride’s family accepts his proposal, a second meeting will be arranged.
  • Ukong Udok(knocking of door): This is the second stage of the marriage rites in which the man shows his readiness to marry the bride to be.
  • Uno Mkpo: Gifts are delivered to the brides family. Gifts are ways of compensating the family of the lady by the family members of the groom’ for talking away a member of their family
  • Usoro Ndo: This is the most significant part of the ceremony which is also the traditional marriage. And it is also  not different from the igbo traditional marriage.

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