/All You Need To Know About Choosing Wedding Venues

All You Need To Know About Choosing Wedding Venues

Have you dreamed about your big day your whole life and can’t imagine getting married without everyone you know to watch it? If so, then start looking at wedding venues with large capacities. If you’d prefer a wedding more intimate and low-key. Once you know what best suits you as a couple, you can then start writing your guest list and begin searching for places to suit your requirements.


When to book: It’s perfectly normal for couples to book their chosen wedding venue 12-18 months before their wedding. Plenty of time should be given to plan their perfect day.  So we advise that you book as soon as you’ve found ‘the right one. That said, if you are planning a wedding in just a few months, there’s plenty of last-minute bargains to make.!  You might get lucky and be able to book a date at the last minute due to a cancellation or last-minute availability.


Pick a theme : Wedding venue will be influenced by the theme of wedding.  Think of your wedding and venue as part of the bigger picture. And go with a venue that’s in-tune with the theme that you want. For a glamorous, glittering modern big wedding, we recommend nice hotels.  And if you want a little bit of everything joined together, you can have it.


Location: Suitable location that is conducive for guests should be booked. Most couples choose somewhere that is near where they live. This is especially important to remember if you want a church wedding. Distance to either the church or reception should be considered. You should also consider if it’s in a conducive environment. Finally if the location is in the rural area, maybe your village, what are the options for guest accommodation? You need to know this in advance, because it’s courteous to make overnight options available with your invitations.


Savvy spending :Budget is a key factor for most couples when considering which venue to book. Before you put down any money for deposits. Ask the person in charge if there are any deals or offers they can gift you for choosing to go with them.  Sometimes they may give you the bridal suite and some complimentary rooms, or welcome drinks and snacks. They might also be able to recommend vendors that they regularly work with. Who could offer discounts based on the usual custom that the venue provides. Also, try to visit the venue at least once if they’re hosting a wedding ceremony. You can see the venue all decorated as it would be on your wedding day.

Whatever venue or theme you pick for your wedding, ogaVenue can help you all the way – from the moment you decide your venue, through to your bridal look for your big day, and of course, much, much more!

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