/Tips For Choosing The Perfect Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Location

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Location

So i was going through my Facebook page which i haven’t done in a while and i saw an interesting post about Pre-Wedding Photoshoot location which i would like to share with you.

There are a number of factors that come into play when you settle down to choosing the location but most importantly make sure the location suits your personality…Check out this tips.


I. Pick the best photographer. With our vast experience in event management and planning, we have quite a number of best photographers in town whose job is to give you the perfect wedding shoot you deserve. Also make sure the photographer fully understands what you expect from him or her.

2. Visit the location:
If at all possible it is best if you visit the location beforehand. A location visit is very important. You have to get there to make sure that the location fits well with your desire. Different locations carry with them different look and feel. Some are modern, others traditional, a few are classical. Some tend to be artsy while others are trendy. Make sure the sites view matches your expected theme. To ease you off the stress, we suggest the photographer does this for the potential couples.

3. Choose your theme.
In line with the location, what kind of photography do you want? Decide on your theme, props and clothing, then make the other factors fit around it. A theme guides the photographer into understanding what kind of lenses, and items he will need at the location and how well they blend with the nature and view of the site.

4. Prepare.
Never show up in a pre-wedding shoot hurried or impatient because it will show in the photos. Make sure you have your day well planned out, and everything that is needed has been acquired well in time to avoid last minute hassles. Ensure that you have fully prepared at least 24 hours before the wedding shoot.

5. Have fun.
Remember the photos is what will remain, long after the wedding is over. So have fun and enjoy yourself. Be authentic, silly, natural and spontaneous. There are no hard and fast rules about a pre-wedding shoot. Just relax and be yourself. Pre-wedding shoots should capture as much of your journey and personality as possible.

6. Watch the Seasons and Weather.
There are good seasons for photo shoots and also bad seasons. Peak seasons for photo shoots and low season. Another factor is what better time of the day for photo shoots and terrible times depending on the location. Find out what time and season work best for a photo shoot at that particular location. You don’t want to show up when it’s rainy and soggy or misty.

7. Get Props for the photo shoot. If your photo shoot is themed then most likely, there are accessories that you will need. The photographer may have some of those props while a few others may have to be hired elsewhere. Make sure you can get them in time and secure them.

8. Watch The Cost.
Have you run down the budget? How much will the photographer charge you? How much will the props cost? Does the location need a permit? Is it within your budget? Are there any other expenses such as transport that you will need for the shoot? Just make sure you have a clear budget of how much the entire shoot will cost before you choose a venue.

9. Timing.
Most venues have different times when the shoots can best be done. Some locations have a great sunrise view, and others have great sunset views. And you at times, you get the best shoot when the sun is overhead at a particular time. It’s also critical to know how much time you have and how the venues charge per hour or two to three hours.

10. Choose Packages. Most photographers offer packages in line with the site that you’ve chosen. Decide on which package will best fit with the location. Always enquire if you can tailor a package to meet your preference.


I hope you’ll put all these into consideration whenever you plan to go for your Pre Wedding Photo Shoot. And ogaVenue has got you covered when you need to find and book Event Venues for your Event with lots of amazing deals on Halls.

Source: Sarahgold Events and Media Consult

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