/Top Locations To Have Your Wedding Proposal In Lagos

Top Locations To Have Your Wedding Proposal In Lagos

I had the most romantic proposal ever and I never saw it coming partly because I was too busy preparing for his birthday party I didn’t know it would turn to a proposal. Well, guess what? It was exactly how I dreamed. It was a fairy tale!!! (can’t stop screaming). He chose the perfect location to pop the question. And if you’ll agree with me, every lady wants something very romantic for her proposal and you should consider these top locations if you are looking for a romantic location to propose.


Ember Creek: Imaging kneeling with a ring, the ocean breeze blowing, nice scenery, perfect weather. Can anything go wrong at Ember creek waterfront located at Victoria Island? I doubt that. Trust me, you are going to get a big “Yes I will marry you” here.


La Manga Beach Resort: Now this is a romantic place nested with a little bit of paradise which includes stunning beach and luxury accommodation in a quiet and private environment. I can assure you, she will be blown away by all these. I can actually see myself saying “Yes” all over again.


Inagbe Resort: If the both of you are beach lovers, this is the perfect spot for you, from the boat ride to the beach, everything about the resort is beautiful. It’s an intimate setting to propose.

Nok Alara: Do you love arts? Nok alara is a contemporary African restaurant located in Victoria Island where you can dine with Art and design from all over the continent. With a bamboo-framed garden, this restaurant is the perfect location to pop the question.


Shiro Restaurant: If you want to propose outside Nigeria and you don’t want to leave Nigeria, this is the best place, it is a Japanese restaurant located at Eti Osa Victoria Island. Shiro has a bar and a lounge which offers late night dining. It is quite a romantic spot with a great view of the ocean.  Good food! Nice Spot! Great place to propose!

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