/Everything That Can Go Wrong On A Wedding Day

Everything That Can Go Wrong On A Wedding Day

By now, you know I love weddings but as much as I love weddings, i love the ones where I have the maximum fun and enjoy it to the fullest. Now, most couples don’t pay attention when it comes to their wedding venues because they do not really know the importance. Most people think that once a venue is big, they are sorted but overtime, I have come to know that there is absolutely more to it than that.

So in September, I attended a wedding which i was very excited about. Let me tell you why…the bride was a fashionista,  into the best of the best and so, I expected that everything was going to be on point. Trust me, I went fabric searching, shoe shopping and jewelry picking, and of course, I  slayed…

And the big day arrived. Dressed gorgeously, I made my way to the event centre and I was shook. Immediately, I set my foot into the venue, I knew an impending disaster was looming. I mean the couple had obviously rented a very expensive venue thinking that was the end of it. I found a seat and after waiting for a while, the bride and groom were announced to be making their entrance. Dozens of other people there. I stood excitedly to witness the dancing in of the couple and I was disappointed. The seats were arranged in such a way that guests were bumping into each other.

There was barely any space. I don’t know if the number of guests that turned up for the event were more than they had planned for but the crowd was massive. Asides that, as part of the decoration, three huge umbrella like structures had been placed in the passage of the hall. The couple and all the guests kept bumping into it as they danced. Also, the umbrellas obstructed the view of people from seeing what was happening at the fore front. Also, because of the poor seating arrangement and the tight space, food could not properly go round.

There were lots of complains, bored faces, angry hisses and the likes. What hurt the most was that the venue had not come cheap but expensive.  That is where planning comes in. Please and please plan for your venue well. It wouldn’t be okay to have a large hall when only a few guests are expected. It also wouldn’t be nice to have a small hall when tons of guests arrive by the second. Trust ogaVenue to help you with exactly what you want when it comes to booking a hall.

If you have a planner, discuss this as part of your wedding and go over it again. It is better to spend hours planning than spend it regretting it crying over the failure of your event.

Ayo Al



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