/Tips To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

Tips To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

Tips to consider when choosing event venue

The advent of technology has caused a lot of reformation to the mindsets of Nigerians. Nowadays, nobody wants to attend a wedding ceremony where the reception would take place on a field or in the bride’s parents compound. It is safe to say that the standards have risen and everyone is trying to meet up. Therefore, wedding venues are the real deals these days.

So if you are getting married, how do you pick the right event centre for your day?  One that would meet the needs of you and your guest!  To know how, please read on. Here are some tips for you.

Tips To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Venue

1. Location

When choosing an event venue, consider the proximity of your venue from the church and from where the majority of your guests would be coming from. Also, how easy it can be described?  For example, if the majority of your guests are coming from the mainland, it could be foolhardy to pick an event venue that is at Ajah. Some people would refuse to attend immediately they see that on your invitation card. You do not want a venue that would be too difficult to locate now, would you? If you are getting married in your village in Kogi, location matters also. Choose a venue that is easily accessible, conducive and convenient.

2.  Seating Capacity

When sourcing for the right event centre, narrow your search to venue halls that can cater to the number of expected guests with provisions made for extra guests. If you are expecting 150 guests then a venue hall that can accommodate up to 200 guests is appropriate. In Nigerians weddings, there is the probability that one guest you invite would bring at least one person you do not know. So the best solution is to make allowances for those unplanned guests even before the big day. Do not go for a smaller hall as you don’t want your guests standing all through and the whole Hall being stuffy. Also, do not go for too big a hall if you do not want your hall looking too empty. Find a balance.

3. Catering and facilities.

This tip is one that causes a lot of disharmonies so you want to avoid that. Does the rental fee include chair covers and tablecloths? Does it include the arrangement of the hall by their own staff? Are there some restrictions regarding the decoration of the hall? Do they restrict you to specific bridal themes?  Do they allow candles and excessive flowers? Is there space for your band group/ dance? Do they have a good sound system? Loudspeakers. How spacious is the stage? How about their toilet/ bathroom facilities? Is this clean and up to standard?

How good is their food? Do they have in-house catering service? Can they cater for your own type of food? Do they make local delicacies  very well or they prefer intercontinental dishes? Are you even allowed to bring your own food. Is the kitchen space available for your caterer to utilize? Does it have all the resources as found in a standard kitchen also? Is it clean? Does the fee include basic necessities like toothpicks, innumerable utensils, napkins e.t.c.These and many more are things to continue before choosing an event venue.

4. Payment

Is the payment method convenient for both parties?  Are you instructed to pay in full or you are allowed to split payment before and after the wedding?  Are you induced to pay caution fee, and would this fee be returned if all goes well?

5.  Car park/ security

This is another key factor in choosing an event venue. Is the car park adequate for your guests?  Is it spacious enough and are there enough security men to ensure that packing goes well?  Who ensures the security of cars of the guests?

5. Venue policy

Are alcoholic drinks allowed? How much would it cost if they cater for your drinks? or would they allow you bring your own drinks? When is the latest time that the hall could be rented for? Also, when are you required to vacate the premises? Are there any extra charges for overtime? All these should be properly discussed before sealing the deal.

6.  Clean up

After the ceremony, Who is in charge of restoring order to the hall?  Who cleans up the mess?  You?  The management themselves?  Or the next people to rent the space? Does the fee cover all these?

These are some tips to use when preparing for a wedding. You also want your wedding to be the talk of the town in a positive way, don’t you? Likewise, if you need inspiration on how to plan your event, you can visit www.pro.ogavenue.com.ng/  and get inspired

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