Choice Event Hall 1

400 Guests
Multipurpose Hall
400 Guests
Choice Event Hall 1
Air Conditioner
Parking Space
Power supply
Rest Room
Banquet 400
Venue Type
Multipurpose Hall
Planning a low budget grand event? Why search further when Choice Event Hall 1 is right here for you. Book now, have a grand event and go about your daily life like nothing affected your bank account. It seats 400 guests in banquet setting. You are relieved of stress with the facilities such as; tables, chairs, rest room, air condition, 24 hour power supply and maximum security that are provided.
Types of events you can host at Choice Event Hall 1 are; Wedding reception, Marital vows, Seminars, Religious activities, Meetings, Trade shows, Dinners, Press conference, Networking events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Music concert, Gala Night amongst others. Frequently Asked Questions for Choice Event Hall 1Q. Does Choice Event Hall 1 allow you bring in your food? A: Yes, they do. Q. How do I know if my date is available at Choice Event Hall 1? A: Please fill the price form to check the availability and price of this venue. Q. How much does it cost to book Choice Event Hall 1? A: Kindly fill the price form and you will be notified of the cost to book this venue.Q. Is there parking space at Choice Event Hall 1? A: Yes, there is. The venue has a fairly large compound which can contain a good number of cars. Q. Is there a discount for booking early or for a mid-week event? A: OgaVenue offers a range of discounts for different venues and dates. Kindly fill the price form to request a discount price. Q. Can I hold my joining and reception here? A: Yes. Q. Can I burn fireworks inside this hall? A: NO
Cancellation: Only when you book online
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Choice Event Hall 1
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