14 Event Centres, Venues and Halls in Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos

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Venues in these areas are close to Jibowu, Yaba
About Yaba
Yaba is a suburb located on Lagos Mainland, Lagos State. Yaba is one of the go-to places for technology renaissance in Africa, with Tech Startups like Ogavenue.com.ng, Hotels.ng, Andela, Cc-Hub and many others impacting the economic ecosystem for good.

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Some of the popular venues in Yaba include Nikoms event Centre, Havilah event House, and Muffy Hall .

Event Service Professionals in Yaba
Yaba never lacks creative service professional. There are a bunch of event service professionals otherwise called vendors (Photographers in Yaba, Caterers in Yaba, Decorators in Yaba etc) who will bring your event to life.
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You can view photos of their previously completed jobs, customer reviews and get free price estimates from event vendors in Yaba.

Events in Yaba
Event Centres in Yaba are not too expensive, nonetheless, events are constantly hosted in the area.

Price Estimates
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