6 Event Centres, Venues and Halls in Malali, Kaduna

Venues in these areas are in Malali
About Kaduna
Kaduna state which is in North central Nigeria was created in 1967 and the name Kaduna can be linked to the Hausa word for crocodile. Kaduna is a multi cultural state with over 60 ethnic groups and an estimated population of about 6.3million people. Kaduna, the state capital has the largest textile manufacturing Centre including an oil refinery. The state has a high number of churches majorly in southern kaduna.

Kaduna has some beautiful and very affordable venues to choose. ogaVenue has classy and affordable event halls to choose from also at discounted rates.

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Events in kaduna

Hosting events in the croc city as it is mostly called can be affordable compared to hosting events in other part of Nigeria.

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