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About Ekiti
Ekiti is a state in western Nigeria, declared a state on 1 October 1996 alongside five other states in the country by the military under the dictatorship of General Sani Abacha. Ekiti land is naturally endowed with numerous natural resources.
The state is potentially rich in mineral deposits. These include granite, kaolinite, columbite, charnockite, iron ore, baryte, gemstone, phosphate, limestone, gold among others with a population of over 2.3million people. Ekiti is also blessed with water resources, some of its major rivers are Ero, Osun, Ose, and Ogbese. More so a variety of tourist attractions abound in the state namely, Ikogosi Warm Spring, Ipole Iloro Water Falls, Olosunta hills, Ikere, Fajuyi Memorial Park Ado Ekiti and so on. The Ikogosi tourist center is the most popular and the most developed. The warm spring is a unique natural feature, and supporting facilities are developed in the center. The spring is at present being processed and packaged into bottled water for commercial purpose by a private company UAC Nigeria.

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Hosting events in this state can be affordable compared to hosting events in other parts of Nigeria.

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