The Event Boulevard Hall

1,000 Guests
Multipurpose Hall
1,000 Guests
The Event Boulevard Hall
Air Conditioner
Changing Room
Parking Space
Power supply
Rest Room
Banquet 1,000
Venue Type
Multipurpose Hall
Add a unique touch to your event at The Event Boulevard Hall. Have a grand event with us. Be classy on your memorable day with state of the art decoration.
It seats 1000 guests in a banquet setting. Facilities such as tables, chairs, rest rooms, changing room, well-structured stage, lighting, air condition, 24 hour power supply and reliable security are available just for you.
Types of events you can host at The Event Boulevard Hall are Wedding reception, Marital vows, Seminars, Religious activities, Meetings, Trade shows, Dinners, Press conference, Networking events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Music concert, Gala Night amongst others.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What type of chairs does The Event Boulevard Hall provide?
A: We provide plastic chairs, we also provide chiavari chairs but at an additional cost
Q: What type of tables does The Event Boulevard Hall Provide?
A: We provide Banquet tables but your decorator will provide the table covers
Q: Is there parking space at The Event Boulevard Hall?
A: Yes, there is. We have a fairly large compound which can contain a good number of cars.
Q: Does The Event Boulevard Hall provide power?
A: Yes, we provide maximum of 8 hours constant generator power supply for all events.
Q: Does The Event Boulevard Hall have Restrooms?
A: Yes, we have both male and female Restrooms
Q: Does The Event Boulevard Hall have Changing room?
A: Yes, we do.
Q: What type of flooring does The Event Boulevard Hall have?
A: Tiles.
Q: Does The Event Boulevard Hall allow you bring in your food and drink?
A: Yes we do
Photos of The Event Boulevard Hall
The Event Boulevard Hall
The Event Boulevard Hall
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