Reviews of Cranfield Bizhub Resource Centre

4.0 Very Good
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Cranfield Bizhub Resource Centre
Christian C CHUKWUKA
4.0 Very Good
Cranfield is a good place and I will scale them 8
There is two things I do not like about them
Their policy of cancellation only favour them
Their policy says that you must cancel on or before 1 week of your booking but they did not include that they (Cranfield) will call you 1 week before your booking to ascertain & reconfirm if you are still using the date booked should in case the person using the hall forget to call

This happened to me, I was meant to use their hall on Saturday 22nd of June 2019 but it skipped my mind to call them but I called them on Monday 17th of June 2019 (5 days before my booking) to rebook my date for another day but they refused and stick to their policy when I am not asking for refund but to change date which I lost the money I paid for 2 hours.

Second thing,

My first booking on Saturday 1st of June 2019, I asked to be booked by 11am which I was told all halls are booked for that time then I have to be booked from 9am - 11am

Do you know that no one used the hall for all the whole day apart from me because I left their hall when my time was up but i hang around the street to discuss with my people outside

The management of Cranfield is only interested to protect their own interest and not the interest of the people using their hall even after speaking with the owner or one of the management about my issue, they still did not reason with me while they should rebook me
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