Nimatoni Event Centre

800 Guests
Multipurpose Hall
800 Guests
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Nimatoni Event Centre
Air Conditioner
Changing Room
Parking Space
Power supply
Rest Room
Banquet 800
Theatre 1,500
Venue Type
Multipurpose Hall
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What type of chairs does Nimatoni Event Centre provide?
A: We provide plastic chairs, we also provide chiavari chairs but at an additional cost
Q: What type of tables does Nimatoni Event Centre Provide?
A: We provide Banquet tables but your decorator will provide the table covers
Q: Is there parking space at Nimatoni Event Centre?
A: Yes, there is. We have a fairly large compound which can contain a good number of cars.
Q: Does Nimatoni Event Centre provide power?
A: Yes, we provide maximum of 8 hours constant generator power supply for all events.
Q: Does Nimatoni Event Centre have Restrooms?
A: Yes, we have both male and female Restrooms
Q: Does Nimatoni Event Centre allow external Decorator?
A: Yes, we do.
Q: Does Nimatoni Event Centre allow you bring in your food and drink?
A: Yes we do
Q: What type of flooring does Nimatoni Event Centre have?
A: Tiles.
Photos of Nimatoni Event Centre
Nimatoni Event Centre
Nimatoni Event Centre
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