Beachside Pavillion

300 Guests
Pool Side
300 Guests
Beachside Pavillion
Writing Board
Sound System
Banquet 300
Venue Type
Pool Side
Hermitage Resort is a secluded resort on the untouched LekkiAjah Peninsular, a top tourist and vacation destination. Marvel at the luminous beachfront and watch when you put your hands in the water how it magically glows. For meetings and events that leave an impression. From small meeting rooms to grand-scale conference centers for 300 guests (banquet), we bring every event a dedicated focus and unbridled enthusiasm.
Whether you're planning a company strategy session, an intimate cocktail party or a celebratory banquet, you'll always have our undivided attention.

Frequently Asked Questions at Beachside Pavillion

Q. Does Beachside Pavillion allow you to bring in your food?
A Yes, it does.

Q. How do I know if my date is available at Beachside Pavillion?
A Please fill the price form to check the availability of your date.

Q. How much does it cost to book Beachside Pavillion?
A Kindly fill the price form and you will be notified of the cost to book this venue.

Q. Is there parking space at Beachside Pavillion?
A Yes, there is. The venue has a fairly large compound which can contain a good number of cars.

Q What type of chairs do they provide at Beachside Pavillion?
A This hall provides Plastic chairs, Chivalry chairs and Banquet chairs based on request.

Q What type of tables do they provide at Beachside Pavillion?
A This hall provides Plastic tables and Banquet tables based on request.

Q Does Beachside Pavillion provide power?
A Yes, there is provision of maximum of 8 hours constant generator power.

Q Does Beachside Pavillion have Restroom?
A Yes, it has for both male and female.
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