/Things To Consider When Choosing A Dj Or A Live Band

Things To Consider When Choosing A Dj Or A Live Band

Music is definitely an important part of celebrations. It gives the crowd something to distract themselves with and in a country like Nigeria where the music goes a long way (as well as stuff like food and jokes), the quality of your music can make- or completely kill- your party.

When it comes to music choices, you’re general down to two options (well, unless your parents have something to say about it, in which case you’re probably just down to one choice); you can either hire a live band, or you can go with a disc jockey. Really quickly, we’ve compiled a pro-con list for both. Look through and see which you’ll prefer or your nuptials:

Band: Pros and Cons

To be honest, there is hardly anything like a live wedding band whenever you need to get the crowd excited. An effective bandleader can be the master of ceremonies at your reception, interact with people on the dance floor, pay attention to the atmosphere in the room, and select the songs they sing accordingly. There’s also the occasional greeting of guests (and most rich people look forward to this; an opportunity to spay some wads of cash around)

  • Pros: Live music is…well…live! The pleasure of a refreshing performance is here for you and your folks to enjoy. The excitement level can easily be raised, and the band is free to sing whatever it is they want to. The unpredictability of it all is definitely an added bonus.
  • Cons: Most times, bands are much more expensive to book than DJs (well, good ones anyways). This means that if you’re running on a tight budget, a band might not be up your ante. Also, bands usually don’t have the repertoire of a professional DJ, who can easily keep hundreds of sings n hand (and download any new ones that come to mind while playing others)

DJ: Pros and Cons

The disc jokes that we have today are artists inn their own right (again, the good ones, anyways).  They are able to offer a patented blend of both modern and classic ones. And what you get is an atmosphere that caters to the musical taste of both the “youngins” and the “daddies”.  Also, the songs that are played will sound exactly like you remember them. DJs take less real estate on the dance floor they can also be moved pretty easily, depending on the tools they bring.

  • Pros: If you have a hundred songs that you want to hear at your wedding, all you need to do is get them to your DJ. They’ll be able to fish them out. Also, DJs are generally less expensive than live bands. A DJ that has a charismatic stage presence can really get the crowd fired up.
  • Cons: On the flip side, a DJ whose personality is less than perfect can totally kill the buzz at your party, and let’s face it; no DJ is perfect every time. Also, it’s petty difficult for a DJ to improvise if, for instance, your spouse’s dad is lagging behind in the father-daughter dance.
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Oyedele Dahunsi

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