/Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

Are you bothered about the stress of planning a Nigerian wedding? Destination weddings are really becoming a thing these days. Couples are taking their weddings outside their comfort zones and making it a more private event. Want to know a few benefits?  Here are some advantages of a Destination Wedding.

The three main advantages of a destination wedding can basically be summarized with these words: easier to plan, relaxing and close knit.

Close knit

If you want a wedding for just family and close knit friends, then this is for you. Most destination weddings are small in size and the number of guests is usually around twenty to fifty people. Logistically, it would be a bit difficult to hold a large wedding a far distance from home. That means many friends and family members may be invited but would not honor the invitation, while some may not even be invited at all.

One of the benefits of a destination wedding is that it is an intimate and personal affair. It is a wonderful experience to have just all of the couple’s really close friends and family members gather together to celebrate the special event. Want to cut crowd at your wedding and also have the funds for it? A wedding destination is definitely for you.

Easier to plan

Destination weddings can be so much simpler to plan and also execute than close to home weddings. The most difficult task in planning a destination wedding is deciding exactly where the wedding would hold and who’d be invited. This may seem counter intuitive  since it can be very difficult to plan an event that is long distance, but it actually is more easier than people think. Professional wedding planners create pre designed wedding packages.

The packages include all of the components a beautiful wedding requires. If the couple wants to create their own wedding design, they can obtain the assistance of professional wedding planner. The planner can be located at the desired destination, and can take care of all the little details that need attention.


Planning a wedding can be very stressful, frustrating and above all annoying. Many times, family and friends create drama and confusion for the couple, sometimes unintentionally. Having a destination wedding helps to eliminate a great deal of stress since the wedding is far away. Only a limited number of people can attend. Enjoying the convenience of a wedding package that includes everything the couple needs allows them to enjoy the day and relax. They still have a few details to take care of, but overall, the people at the venue do all the strenuous work and lifting when it comes to planning the wedding. This gives the couple enough time to relax and prepare for their big day.

Finally, destination weddings may have their flaws. You can definitely not deny that it is relaxing, stress free, soul lifting and fun-giving.

Would you give destination wedding a second thought? Have you attended a destination wedding before? Tell me below in the comment section.

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