/Top 10 Affordable Wedding Photographers In Lagos

Top 10 Affordable Wedding Photographers In Lagos

Hosting an event isn’t complete without proper physical documentation of memories. And that is where Photographers come in. There’s no event you will host without having a photographer take professional photos of. And the outcome of the photos determines the type of photographer you hire.

We wouldn’t want you to hire an amateur photographer for your event, would we? And so, we’ve put together some of the best wedding photographers in Lagos. Whether you are looking for someone to cover your bridal shower, pre-wedding, traditional or white wedding, we’ve got the right photographers for you right here on our platform.

In addition are ten photographers you should really check out if you’re holding an event.

David Ijeh Pictures: Versatility is the first word that comes to mind when his name is mentioned, with his team of wedding and lifestyle photographers that specialize in events coverage, David Ijeh is committed to ensuring that you relive every moment through the visuals he captures. Although he is based in Lagos, he has covered events across Nigeria and is available to travel.

Jide Oketonade: If you want a photographer you can connect with, then he is the guy for you. Jide Oketonade is as friendly and professional as he comes. His team of wedding and lifestyle photographers specialize in events coverage, are based in Lagos, and available to travel.

 Akan Emmanuel Photography: This is a team of professional photographers passionate about creating timeless wedding images. Committed to the highest levels of quality in the digital image, with a strong belief in delivering creative images using the most important ingredient in photography, light. They have the experience, technology, innovation and passion that have distinguished their brand in the semi-crowded photography industry.

Miyake Fotography: a professional photographer, passionate about taking images of today for tomorrow, with the sole aim of keeping lifetime memories. He is creative and has adaptability skills so prepare to have fun while working with him and his team.

Dexters Studios: With an incredible eye for details photography and video company, using the camera to tell stories of Greatness. At Dexters Studios, every shot is MAGIC.

Alesh Photography: a photographer with a wide background. He likes to travel and will move easily anywhere to capture images you need, either still or in motion. Alesh’s belief is that every event is unique.

 Shutterwave: you create the moments, Shutterwave captures the memories. He is energetic, enthusiastic, easy to deal with, reliable and flexible. The images he produces are achieved with quality in mind, but more importantly, the story of the moment that will be appreciated for generations to come, because of his passion for photography.

Photosandlenses: is a team of quintessential wedding and event photographers, and a creative team that includes various photographers that captures the sincere fitting moments that evoke the senses, which is the very essence of photography, approaching wedding photography with joy.

Kayodeakinola Photography: Kayodeakinola is a fine photographer, who is committed to the guiding principle of caring for his clients. He’s organized and a professional throughout the process so that his clients can relax with the confidence that one of their biggest moments in life will be captured beautifully. He similarly creates a boutique experience and offers timeless and classic images that you’ll cherish and reflect on for the rest of your life.


Triple Eight Photography: is a small team of extremely enthusiastic photographers with an eye for detail and a passion for capturing beautiful memories. It’s not just about creating breathtaking photos, which is why they take pride in being fantastic people too. They take the same care to capture your events’ photography in the most candid and natural way.

Triple personally guides each of their clients through the process of planning shot list and scheduling your photos. He also personally processes and retouches each wedding and designs every album to ensure the finest quality.

 In conclusion, if you need Photographers anywhere in Nigeria, visit here to hire one.


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