/Transforming A Not So Beautiful Wedding Reception Venue

Transforming A Not So Beautiful Wedding Reception Venue

There are some wedding reception venues you go to and say, “WOW” immediately you walk in, and there are others that just don’t have the same appeal. Unfortunately for many brides, however, those love at first sight venues can be out of reach for a variety of reasons: cost, date, size, the list goes on. However, just because you have to go with a venue you don’t fall in love with right away doesn’t mean you can’t use a little creative decorating to transform it into something you’ll totally love for your big day.


Here are 5 ways to fix up a not-so-beautiful wedding venue

  1. Use Drapery

You’d be amazed at what a little drapery can do for a venue. Have ugly walls? Use pipe and drape to cover them! Hosting your reception in a boring tent? Add drapery to the ceiling! The best part? Renting drapery is really not very expensive and can go a long way in beautifying a wedding venue. You should try this.


  1. Change the Lighting

Lighting really goes hand-in-hand with draping, as nothing kills the look of a wedding venue more than ugly overhead florescent lighting. If your venue has bad lighting,  instead light the venue with up lighting, chandeliers, or even holiday lights, candles, etc. If you’re not a lighting expert, this might be a good place to bring in a pro to help you with this. This is where creativity comes in


  1. Focus on Centerpieces

A great way to draw guests’ eyes away from an ugly venue is through the use of centerpieces. Think tall, ornate centerpieces…and just because they’re big doesn’t mean they need to be expensive. Don’t get it wrong…


  1. Decorate the Chairs

Similar to the thought process behind featuring large centerpieces, decorating your venue’s chairs also helps shift the eye away from an ugly venue. Whether you’re covering them completely, or just dressing them up with fabric, ribbons or tulle, there are a lot of ways to dress up chairs!

  1. Rent Beautiful Linens

Gorgeous wedding venues look fine with white or ivory linens, but when you’re using a not-so-pretty venue, the use of rented linens can go a long way in sprucing up the place. It’s also a great way to bring your colors into the decor more. Place extra emphasis on focal points like the bridal party table and cake table with extra-special linens! You would be surprised how this little detail would transform your hall.


Always know that when it comes to your big day, as important as decoration is, it’s never as important as the reason you’re getting married to begin with. With a little love and hard work, you can make your wedding one to remember on even a little budget.



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