/Top 10 Event Centres in Ikeja

Top 10 Event Centres in Ikeja

Hello Everyone, its another Saturday or in other words another day for “Owambe”

When it comes to planning an Event, whether it’s a Wedding or Birthday or a Get-together, one of the important factors if not the most important Factor is the Venue – where the Event would hold. As you would agree with me Ikeja, located in the heart of Lagos is always bustling with Events and activities.

And so today, I have been able to come up with top 10 Event Centres in Ikeja which are ranked in no particular order.

1. Classique Events Place:  located in a serene Environment, making it convenient to host Weddings, birthdays, Corporate functions, Religious Programs of any Event at all. So whether your Guest List is about 500 or about 1200, the Pearl and Topaz hall would be able to accommodate them in Banquet seating and take double of that in Theatre seating
Its parking space can accommodate over 300 cars within the premises without obstructing free flow of traffic along the high way.                                         Classique Event Centre


2. Times Square Event : This is a big and classy marquee for all kinds of events. It conveniently seats 1000 Guest when arranged in banquet style and 1800 Guests if you choose the Conference/Theatre style of arrangement.                                                                                           Time Square Event Centre

3. Yard 158 Events Arena : A multipurpose Events Venue with two Halls to choose from which offers outstanding services. The Yard 158 can host 1500 Guests in Banquet Seating. A place so flexible it brings your imagination to life. Whether it’s a Party, an International Trade Show, a Grand Ball, A Rodeo or even a cocktail.                                                  Yard 158 Event Centre

4. Euphoria Event Place : equally suitable for all type of Events with the capacity to host 1000 Guests in a banquet setting and 1400 in a Theatre setting. With a little garden in the premise. Euphoria also has an ample parking space within and outside the premise.                                       Euphoria Event Centre

5. FM Event Centre : This is for those with a fewer number of Guests as FM host 450 guests in a Banquet setting and 800 Guests in a Theatre setting. It’s perfect for Weddings, Seasonal Events (Christmas, New Year Parties), Conferences etc. It has an external parking space for your convenience. And provision is made for easy transportation from the Parking Space to the Venue. Did I forget to say it is a Marquee?                                                         FM Event Centre

6. The Event Centre : It is at a strategic and very accessible location. With a different capacity of Halls to suit your Guests List, 300,400 and 1000 capacity respectively in a Banquet Setting. It has a  beautifully decorated lobby with Water Fountain, Water Pool and Water Falll. The Event Centre provides Tables and Chairs, fuctional air cooling systems, Projector, lightening, neat and hygenic restrooms and security.                                                                                             The Event Centre Ikeja

7. Our Place: This is a is a 500 capacity Marquee tent located on a spacious landmass within the premises in a serene and secured environment of Ikeja with full AC.

8. Sheba Centre : This is perfect for Events like Weddings, Birthdays, training Conferences etc. It is a Marquee that can conveniently host 800 Guests in banquet seating and has a  large parking space. Sheba provides Banquet/Chivalry Chairs and Tables, Air Cooling Systems, Changing Rooms etc.                                                                                         Sheba Centre Ikeja

9. Koga Event Hall : It can conveniently host 600 Guests in Banquet seating. It provides lightening, sound system and also television. And it also has an ample parking space.                        Koga Event Hall

10. BEvent Center : It is a Marquee which can conveniently host 1000 Guests in a Banquet setting and 1800 Guests in a Theatre setting. It provides Tables and Chairs, lightening, security, changing room and also has a large parking space.                                          BEvent Center

I bet you will agree with me that you don’t have to go to the Island to get a decent Hall.

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