/Top 5 Professional Wedding Djs In Lagos

Top 5 Professional Wedding Djs In Lagos

Firstly, Who is a Dj? A  Dj, short form of disc jockey is someone who plays music at events. A Dj keeps the mood of the guests lively at an event. An experienced wedding DJ can make a reception memorable and it contributes to the success of a wedding. He’ll know how to get the guests on the dance floor and keep the party interesting. Bridal couples typically have a list of favourite songs they want to hear at their event. The DJ can also help the couple pick additional songs based on their selections.

If you are looking for a professional Dj to hire for your event, here is a compiled list of the Top 5 Wedding DJs in Lagos;

Deejay Massive: A Professional DJ with excellent communication skills, limitless passion for listening and producing melodious tunes for every mood and diverse knowledge of musical genre for different age groups.With experience working on Radio, Clubs and as a Mobile DJ (Wedding DJ, Corporate DJ etc.


Deejay Peeno: He is open to events from weddings, to birthdays to crusades and many others. He is one of your best Nigerian wedding DJs. With his classic setup that is second to none. He has different packages for you to choose from and work within and outside Lagos.

Deejay Markiss: Dj Markiss has overtime perfected the art of djing so much so that his ability to play major genres of music is one of his strength. With a very professional Dj setup and good audio setup, you can rest assured that your event is in capable hands.

Dj Freddylon: He is popularly known as the Music Brain when it comes to music selection. Passionate about music and making people happy. He is efficient and good at what he does.

Deejay Walkit:  is a multiple award-winning DJ from Nigeria. He is popularly known as DJ WALKIT a.k.a. The Dance Hall General. He is not restricted to any specific genre, so his style of play has been tagged by many as feel. This is as a result of his ability to bring all kinds of music in one playlist. Particularly, this attribute marked his uniqueness among his counterparts and also won him several awards. His DJ Services run through Nigeria, basically, Lagos and he gives parties the pleasurable vibes they require.


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