/The Quintessential Wedding Checklist

The Quintessential Wedding Checklist

It’s never easy to plan a wedding thinking about all the logistics alone is enough to give you a headache.

However, with the time-based schematic below, you should be able to pull things off:

Over a year to go

OK, you’re engaged. Congratulations. Now, roll up your sleeves because it’s time to work.

  • Pick a date (remember to be flexible. For now, you can pick at least three dates)
  • Plan your budget. Get those who are contributing to it and determine who’s paying what
  • Choose our wedding style (what do you want your wedding to look like?). Set out the details and have a framework
  • Choose the train; groomsmen, Maid of Honor, Best Man, bridesmaids, etc.
  • Explore options for your venue; both for the reception, wedding itself, engagement, etc.
  • Contact the required professionals to help you out; vendors, photographer, wedding planner, florist, DJ, etc.

10-11 months

  • Reserve the venues. It’s better late, right?
  • Select the outfits for you and your wedding party
  • Book ministers, wedding officials, etc.
  • Send messages to your guests so they can save the date (at this point, you should have a date already)
  • Book fitness regimens and have a plan to stay fit for the big day (those abs won’t build themselves, right?)

 8-9 months

  • Book the hotels for your guests
  • Refine the guest list to make room for any removals and additions
  • Browse for nice designs for your wedding invitations

6-7 months

  • Start thinking of beauty tips; hair, make up styles, etc.
  • Iron out the details of the wedding with your wedding planner, the officials, vendors, etc.
  • Make sure to keep tabs on vendors as well!
  • Personalize your invitation and have it ordered

4-5 months

  • Start and finalize plans for your honeymoon. There’s no point thinking about this on your wedding day.
  • Order the cake
  • Prepare a list of songs for the DJ or musicians (basically a list of “play/don’t play” songs)
  • Finish up the guest list and work on sending invitations

3 months

  • Get seating arrangements planned for the wedding and reception
  • Chose verse readers and passages as well. It’s still a wedding.
  • What’s up with the vendors? Are they ready?
  • Menu cards, party favors etc. should be on ground already

2 months

  • Organize the RSVPs
  • Send out wedding invitations and follow them up
  • Write the vows
  • Go over the details of the ceremony with the planner and officials
  • Follow up on the vendors!
  • Try to see to transport for your out-of-town guests
  • Go over the playlist with the DJ or musician
  • Get gifts and souvenirs for your guests ready

1 month

The day’s getting closer!

  • Finalize details with all your vendors
  • Pick up the rings
  • Get your marriage license
  • How do your clothes fit? (time to see what those months of fitness regimens have and diets yielded)

2 weeks

  • How many people do you have? Get a count, add a little more, and send them to the caterers
  • Finalize on transport plans

1 week

  • Pay vendors and other workers
  • Prepare an “emergency kit”
  • Treat yourself. You sure deserve it

The day before

  • Get sufficient body treatment
  • Organize a rehearsal for all functioning parties
  • Time for the bachelor/bachelorette party
  • Sleep early

Big day!

  • Eat well. You’ll need a god breakfast and all the energy you can get
  • Get the rings to the Best Man
  • Relax and enjoy your day

Image: Bijou Weddings


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