/The Importance of Setting Sober Goals

The Importance of Setting Sober Goals

Sobriety in itself is not a thing that is easy to attain.  Essentially,setting sober goals are objectives that drive your walk to sobriety. While we are all born sober, life happens, and a lot of people turn to alcohol and drugs as a means of escaping the woes of their lives. However, there comes a point when you realize the fact that it has all been a waste and you never really escaped anything. At that moment, the craving for sobriety gets to you, but you also find that it is something that you can’t just waltz back to.

This is when you become aware of your own addiction. The road to re-attaining your sobriety can be a long one, and it is one that involves “sober goals”.  With them, you can be rest assured that getting that sobriety back might just be possible.

The following are ways through which sober goals can come in handy:

You get something to work towards

Living without an aim or purpose is a pointless exercise.

It’s not enough to just stop taking an addictive substance; you need to actually measure your resolve and see how you are performing.

If you wake up today and decide to go three months sober, you’ll know that there’s something you’re working towards. This fact alone is reason enough to keep going.

Sober goals can also help rediscover yourself

While trying to achieve sober goals, it is possible for you to meet a few roadblocks that you can’t navigate. It’s even possible for you to fall back into old habits from time to time (and to be honest, it’s not something to beat yourself up about) but one thing you’re doing is learning; you’re learning who you are, and you’re learning about things that can potentially be difficult to your sobriety. The result of this is that you get to come to a better understanding of yourself. You know things and places that are safe, and which won’t tempt you into retarding into your old nasty habits.

Most times, goals come with rewards

The reward system has proven to be a tried and tested way of getting results. If you’re treading the path to sobriety on your own, one way to ensure that you don’t fall or give up along the line is to attach a reward at the end of every goal. Simply put, rewards serve as incentives that keep you going. You could start with taking yourself on a shopping spree after you go a week without taking alcohol and then upgrade your reward to a spa day after a “clean” month.

The accomplishment of goals is always a reward in its own

While the place of incentive is never to be overemphasized in serving as something to look forward to, the feeling that you get when you know that you’ve toiled and you’ve achieved a goal is a reward in itself. The accomplishment of a goal is enough to spur you to perform even better, especially given the fact that you are aware of how much progress you are making on your own.


Remember that sobriety is never an easy objective to achieve. However, by setting sober goals, you have something to work towards, and you’ll eventually get there.

Dahunsi Oyedele

Image: Above the law

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