/The Craze For Nigerian Weddings In Dubai These Days

The Craze For Nigerian Weddings In Dubai These Days

The craze for Nigerian Weddings in Dubai these days though. A couple will decide to get married and guess where they have their wedding? No, just guess. Dubai.
They make friends and family spend money to fly to Dubai for their wedding. Not Damaturu in Yobe, nor Obudu in Cross Rivers. Dubai.
The wedding blogs and society mags have a field day and it’s all good. Now, I’m not talking about the nouveau rich families as such (even if they are as much guilty of this obscene display of discretion) but young up and comers, living it up to make a statement that they got married in Dubai.
It baffles me.

You and your spouse add to the burgeoning economy of Dubai by organizing a wedding which has a least total value of nothing less than $80,000 if we are to add what everyone who attends would spend even as a small group of invited guests.
And after that day, it’s all memories.
So, what’s with this craze for Dubai weddings by Nigerians?
It’s enough to ask.


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