/6 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

6 Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Relationships are ideally supposed to be blissful. However, under certain circumstances, it is possible for your relationship to start getting a tad harmful. To wit, make sure to be at alert when you start noticing any of the following symptoms of a toxic relationship:


Dishonesty is plain; its telling lies in order to conceal an act that you feel will hurt your partner. In truth, it can be easy to lie and feel you’ve gotten away with a lie. However, in the end, there’s always a way the truth caches up with you.

The problem with dishonesty is always the comeuppance; when your partner eventually finds out what you’ve done, it is usually too late for you to rectify the situation, and it usually leads to a cascade of events that ends up in a lack of trust and general awkwardness

Lack of communication

Communication is one of the major bedrocks of every stable relationship. The ability to speak with your partner about something that bothers you is very important, and you should never joke with it. When you notice that communication becomes strained, then there’s probably a problem somewhere.

NOTE: Pease understand that when it comes to communication, quality trumps longevity.  The quality of the discourse is what matters, and you need to be able to speak with your partner about just about anything.

Emotional Manipulation

If your significant order has never taken the blame for any argument or looks for a way to blame you at any opportunity, he or she ignores you days after an argument or you find yourself always apologizing or one person is always threatening to leave the relationship, then it’s time to move on. Emotional torture is harmful and can lead to physical health issues.


Look if you ever notice that your partner gets violent, it might be best for you to just exit the relationship. However, domestic violence is not just an accident. Chances are if your partner hits you today and you forgive, he (or she) will do it again.


Materialism is an over-reliance on physical stuff.

Yes, having physical stuff is good however, a relationship is just as emotional as it is physical.  Your significant order should not make you feel inferior, worthless, dumb or tear you down but build you up. Neither should the person make you feel bad about your beliefs and interest.

Don’t  ignore the signs because relationships are meant to be healthy

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Dahunsi Oyedele


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