/Side Chic Palava

Side Chic Palava

The rate at which i hear side chic stories is becoming alarming. You hear of stories of side chicks confronting the main chic. And I wonder where’s the dignity in that?

I checked my Instagram account today and the first thing I saw was a conversation between a side chic and a married woman which the side chic leaked. What amazed me is the tenacity the side chic had to insult the woman. Like is there no shame at all?

It’s like a norm now, and more side babes are openly confronting the main. It’s now something to be proud of and not a thing to be embarrassed about and I think this gives men more reason to have side chics since the lady in question doesn’t mind.

I know we don’t condone having or being a side chic but we have to start from somewhere. The signs are there and some girls just choose to ignore and would rather share just because men are”scarce “. Isn’t there no shame or dignity? To all the side chics out there, i hope you know that what goes around will definitely come around.

On a lighter note, I’m still searching for a cool guy in Lagos. But If you have someone in your life, don’t come near me. Got plans or have an idea where the cool guys will be this Easter?

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