/How Social Media Can Ruin Our Perception Of Reality

How Social Media Can Ruin Our Perception Of Reality

Nowadays, people are so comfortable with showing their lives on social media. Especially portraying to the world that they live a perfect and happy life when in  reality it’s all false. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate it, i just don’t like the delusional lifestyle of many people on it


Social Media platforms have given us the opportunity to hide behind our phones to judge the way other people live their lives . Judged based on what we see on their profile. Which makes us think their life isn’t as fun or interesting just because they didn’t upload travel, date, night outs pictures. We just assume their life isn’t as great as ours but boring.  There’s also popularity contest of whose picture got more likes and the number of followers.

Is it because we want to prove something even though our lives isn’t so great. We decide to create something perfect online just for people to think we live perfect lives. Some believe it’s a place to hide the reality we portray from family and friends. So we feel we can have and do whatever we want. There are people who do not brag about their fat bank account, gadget or lifestyle. Whereas they have more achievement in life than those who brag about it on social media.

Social media is incredible, if it builds you up and motivates and connects you only you’re following the right people, however if you scroll past an account and it makes you feel negatively about yourself then unfollow, you owe yourself more than that. You should’t believe everything you see on Social Media, everyone’s life is not as perfect as they are portray it to be and appearances can be deceiving.

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