/Professionals You’ll Definitely Need to Run a Successful Wedding

Professionals You’ll Definitely Need to Run a Successful Wedding

A wedding is never an easy investment. To run one successfully, there’s a lot of people you need to employ and while you might be tempted to outsource or scrap certain people (I mean, do you really need a wine taster?), there are some professionals whose skills you can’t do without.

Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

A DJ (Scratch that; A GOOD DJ)

Music is a very important aspect of your wedding proceedings- I mean, imagine if everything went on without music; you’d have to enter the reception y us walking, and the Church service itself would probably be drop-dead boring. Music adds a certain flavor to a wedding, and that makes it a part that is so integral. To wit, it is also very essential that you get an awesome DJ to handle your music.

Please read: It’s not sufficient enough to get some shmuck with Virtual DJ or FL Studio on his laptop. Whoever you choose has to be a professional who, at the very least, known what he’s doing. This means your DJ needs to know what to play and what shouldn’t even be on his playlist. (I actual went to a wedding once and Abule Sowo by Olamide was on. No offense to the artiste, but that really isn’t a wedding-themed song).

Wedding planner

A wedding planner has a lot of work to do, and most of them come in handy when you feel like the job of planning your big day might be just too much for you to handle alone. Basically, a wedding planner takes the job of everything and bears all responsibilities. Wedding planners are there to ensure that your wedding goes on without a hitch (think of them as helpers on steroids… a lot of steroids)


Officiants (or officials, if you will) will take the responsibility of joining you and your fiancé in Holy matrimony. Basically, they are ordained ministers who belong to Churches and as such, have the right to actually in you guys. Their role is especially important because while weddings are about the merriment and enjoyable memories that are created, they are also important occasions that should not be taken with levity. There are actually provisions and sites abroad (think oneinnuteminister.com) where people can get ordained in order to join others together (and in cities in the U.S., it is possible for a Mayor to join his or her citizens). However, here in Nigeria, things aren’t that easy

Not convinced, then consider this: the name of your officiant is going to appear on our wedding certificate. Do you want to just put any Tom, Dick, and Harry there?


People have to eat, don’t they? Caterers are definitely important for your wedding, and it’s essential that you get skilled and proper catering professionals as well. You don’t want untrained people to spoil the flow of your wedding with their unprofessionalism and tacky-tasting food.

Yes, your wedding has to do with a lot more than just food. However, let’s face it; there are a lot of people who just came here for the grub. It’ll be sad to disappoint them.

Sound managers

Sound managers are also very important for one reason. Someone definitely has to handle the sound and ensure that people are able to hear the soothing tunes being played from the speakers.

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Dahunsi Oyedele

Image: Melony Photography


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