/Is the Natural Hair trend here to stay?

Is the Natural Hair trend here to stay?

Is Natural Hair Trend here to stay?

It seems the natural hair movement is here to stay as more and more women are tossing away their hair relaxer and embracing their natural hair tress.



In recent times, the natural hair community has grown over the years and will gain more popularity in years to come. The natural hair trend is back and more black women are opting to go natural. Only this time, it’s not about making a political statement but mostly for health and aesthetic reasons. We are now aware of the dangers of harsh chemicals which are in relaxers which could lead to hair breakage and early baldness.

Health of hair is one of the major reasons women transition or decide to do the big chop. Hair relaxers have been known to damage hair follicles. Myself for example had to transition in 2015 when i had hair breakage because of a relaxer i used. Many women have also had to join the natural hair community because of the bad experiences they’ve had.

Our natural hair is no longer viewed as stubborn or not able to manage. And there are many natural hairstyles and it’s now fun to try out styling of the natural hair. And through technology, many women can connect and give tips on how to maintain the natural hair. Natural hair bloggers are dominating the black hair care community. Nowadays, you see brides tossing away the human hair attachment and rocking their styled natural hair for their big day

The relaxer industry has experienced a downturn in sales and are tending towards the black hair care industry as there is an increase in natural hair products. Anyways, i’m a proud “naturalista”  so i think today’s natural hair movement is here to stay.

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