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Much Ado About Big Weddings

I honestly always felt like there was a lot of fretting that people did when it comes to big weddings. I was never a fan of the whole party scene, and I felt like weddings should be as intimate as possible. Unfortunately, though, my fiancé never saw things this way. She was all for the whole party thing, and she wanted our wedding to be as loud and pronounced as possible. As expected, we had arguments about it.

My reason for not liking excessively publicized weddings has always been simple; a wedding that has a lot of hype and that everyone knows about will not be easy to plan. It’s much easier to plan a wedding when you have just about 250 people than to plan one where thousands will be attending. I’ve seen couples who take on massive wedding projects only to find out that they either can’t afford all the expenses or they just aren’t cut out for the whole “party of the nation vibe. For some reason my fiancé didn’t see things the same way. Naturally, after days of arguing, I finally conceded and we decided to go all out for the wedding- on the condition that I won’t have anything to do with the planning. I wasn’t ready for all the stress, and nothing was going to change my mind about that one.

The whole planning process started out quite rosy for her. She decided to go at it alone, and she did look like she had everything in the bag for the first few months. However, when the day started to draw nearer and nearer, I started seeing the toll it had taken on her. She slept less, ate less, and as usually out late because she was having one meeting or testing or the other. It was a fiasco.

Eventually, I decided to intervene (I saw how thin she had gotten, and I definitely didn’t want my fiancé looking like a stick on our wedding day). I sat her down and we talked the whole thing out. She told me  how tired she was and how much she  hated the whole planning process, and I was finally able to get my point through; a wedding is a big step, and you should never sign up for a lavish one if you can’t handle all the planning processes. We eventually got a team of planners and other professionals an in the end, and we were able to pull the whole thing off.

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Dahunsi Oyedele

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