/How To Be An Awesome Mother- In-law

How To Be An Awesome Mother- In-law

Most times, we go on and on about how awful mother-in-laws can be. We actually forget to consider how they could actually fit in and better themselves. Hey, they’re human too. It’s not easy watching the man you raised be with a total stranger and build a life with her. So girls, how does one become an awesome mother-in-law?

# Respect your son’s choice. Love them both. Dance like a fool at the wedding.

# Don’t give advice that’s not asked for.

# Be their mother-in-law, not their mother.

# Include her in traditions and when they get married ask if she would like to be in charge of arranging said tradition in the future. Families can make or break a marriage….treat her as you would any of your adult children…with grace and respect.

# Be very generous with your recipes! It’s a great way to bond with her.

# Stay out of the way!

# Never say anything to your daughter-in-law that you wouldn’t appreciate your mother-in-law saying to you. Try to understand and accept your child’s choice.

Amen to that!

# Don’t give advice unless specifically asked and always watch the kids when asked.

# The bottom lines are respect, trust, and, above all, love. We have to be adults, set aside our own egos, and trust, respect, and love our grown children in their choices. Trust your children to make good choices, and if they don’t, trust that they will handle it the way that is best for them/their children. We should always use our powers for good.

# Be vocal about how lucky he/she is to marry your child AND also be very vocal about how lucky your child is to be marrying him/her. Looking for ways to handle pre wedding family drama? Click here to read Ways to handle it.

What advice would you give about being an awesome mother-in-law?

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