/House Party Versus Hall Party………Pros And Cons

House Party Versus Hall Party………Pros And Cons

This topic often crosses minds and most people wonder what the advantages and disadvantages of throwing a house party or renting a venue (hall) for the party are. So in case you are planning either a house or hall party, you should read this.

Some of the advantages of having a house party are:

  1. You avoid unnecessary guests when you host a party in your house;
  2. You have easier access to stuff you need for the party because you can easily monitor it;
  3. It is easier for you to change costumes at your home than in a hall;
  4. You don’t spend so much money when you plan a party in your house as compared to the hall;
  5. You can organize fun games like truth or dare with a close set of people in your home, than with a large number of people at the hall, etc.

While some advantages of hosting a party in a hall are:

  1. The hall party is more organized;
  2. There is enough space to accommodate many people at a time than in your home;
  3. The stress of cleaning up is taken care of by the owners of the venue, unlike your home where you will be left to clean up;
  4. You don’t have to plan the party if you host it in a hall, you could hire a party planner to do such;
  5. You get to have a theme for your party when you host it outside your home, etc.

There are so many good reasons to host a party either in your house or a hall. It simply depends on the type of party, your budget, and your preference. If you don’t want something extravagant but you want to have a nice time with family and close friends, then a house party is a better option. If you decide to host an enormous party with the number above 50, then you need a venue; which could be a hall, pool side, marquee and a host of other options.

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