/How To Overcome An Addiction

How To Overcome An Addiction

What is an addiction? We all have that one thing (or group of things) that we just have this unexplained love for doing. That thing that you just feel relaxed and happy engaging in. It could be chocolate, alcohol, smoking, TV, anything at all. While it’s not bad to simply love eating or doing something, in particular, there comes a little problem when this loves stretches to become something else. Something that makes you feel almost incomplete without actually engaging in that activity. That something is an ADDICTION.

Addictions are strong (and usually harmful) desires to have or do something. When you develop an addiction to something, it becomes almost impossible for you to imagine yourself without it; something which in itself is a problem as that ‘thing’ could be cut from your life at any point.

Developing an addiction has a way of breaking you down and making you feel just miserable, especially if you’ve not got access to that thing which you’ve developed an addiction to. However, there are some easy ways through which you can get over an addiction. These steps have been time tested but at the same time, you should also know that these steps are not magic. They will take their sweet time to work and will require a lot of dedication from both the people trying to get you out of that addiction and you yourself. So without wasting any more time, here are a few ways through which you can break free of any addiction:

Speak to Some Friends

This step is one which has proven efficient for depressives and people with addictions of all types. As friends, their job is to help you in recuperating and getting better. You’ve most probably heard the saying “A problem shared is one solved”, right? We’ll it could work for an addiction as well. Speak to a friend or two about it and try to look for ways out of the issue. They can be a source of moral and psychological support and can also be your support system when the absence of that thing you’re addicted to begins to affect you because trust me, it won’t be easy. However, when choosing such friends, make sure that they are people you can trust. They need to be positive influences, not people that will go about harping about your issue to any soul who would listen.

Seek Professional Help

Today, you can easily see various recuperation centers that can help you beat an addiction. These people have professionals, counselors and life coaches who will be able to give you their time and help you beat your addiction, although it might take time. Eventually, you’ll come out on top and free of any harmful cravings.

Know Your Weak Spots

Your addictions are triggered by specific activities. For instance, if you’re a smoker, your smoking could be triggered when you feel a little nip in the air or if you’re just bored. When you come to a realization of these weak spots (essentially, points that trigger you to indulge in those addictions), look for substitutes and alternative activities that you can actually engage in to fill that time.

Hit the Gym

Working out is actually an awesome way to distract yourself and convert your addiction into something much more productive. One thing is that after a workout, you’ll be looking pretty funny if you’re found lighting up a smoke or chugging down a beer. Whatever your addiction is, look for a way to work out. Some aerobics can actually help you in easing off some stress and blowing necessary steam. Not to mention the fact that you’ll actually be doing your body a whole lot of good in the process.

Embark on a Project

This is actually one of the most effective ways to get over an addiction. The project could be anything; a family album, building a new website, writing a book, etc. It will help t keep your mind off things and before you know it, your addiction has been replaced with something else; something more productive and helpful.

Reward Yourself

Give yourself an incentive to continue. For instance, if you’re an alcoholic ad you’re trying to mend your ways, you can get yourself a gift when you realize that you’ve actually gone a whole week without touching a bottle of vodka. That way, you’ll be boosting your psychological self to do even more. Let the reward be substantial. It’s the only way you’ll actually appreciate the effort you’re putting.

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