/The Duties Of A Good Emcee (MC)

The Duties Of A Good Emcee (MC)

I knew i had to post something about wedding Emcees (MC). I attended a nice wedding of a friend last weekend but unfortunately I cannot say the same about the MC. This is probably the second wedding I’ve attended within a year where the MC could have done a better job but did not.

A wedding emcee plays a very major role in ensuring the wedding reception runs smoothly. Most importantly, he ensures everyone is having a great time. The last thing you want at your reception is to have your reception turn into a combustion of side talks, and that’s what will happen if your MC can’t grab and keep the attention of your guests.

There’s nothing pleasing about having a MC who is clueless about the agenda for the day, doesn’t know there’s such thing as a father-daughter dance and not father-son dance, can’t read the audience and tell what they want or doesn’t know the difference between plain offensive jokes and humorous ones.

As mentioned before, a wedding emcee plays a very pivotal role in ensuring the reception runs smoothly. Particularly, he ensures everyone is having a great time.  However for this to happen there must be things set in place.

1) Before choosing a wedding MC, do your research. Check out and solicit advice and reviews about potential MCs (from friends or our site) as well as their sample work. If possible, you can attend an event where he/she played a similar role to what you have planned for your MC to take on and then see if they fit the role.

2) Prepare a tentative wedding reception agenda and run sheet with your wedding planner. This includes everything from the arrival of guests and wedding party to the “dance dance dance moment” and final farewell signifying the departure of the newly-weds and later on guests. After all, your MC will need this information to run the day smoothly and on schedule.

3) Set up a meeting with your MC and your wedding planner. This is to ensure they both understand what is expected of the MC, no one steps on each other’s toes at the reception and everyone knows what is expected of them. The last thing you want to be doing on your day is running around or settling quarrels between the two parties.

4) Provide as much background information on yourself and your significant other (bride and groom) to the MC. This should include details from your childhood, courtship, and engagement to the forthcoming honeymoon. Trust me, a great MC will use this information wisely and appropriately as the wedding reception progresses and your event would be fun filled and gay.

5) If you plan to have people give wedding speeches- like a toast or a word of advice at your reception, it’ll be great if they are introduced appropriately. So make sure you pass on information regarding your speakers to your MC. If you decide not to have any speakers at your wedding, also let your MC know so that he can “politely” turn down anyone who steps forward on that day without prior notice.

6) Your wedding MC should know this or so I thought until this past weekend but he/she ought to dress appropriately. By that, I mean NO jeans. Acceptable attire includes but not limited to a tuxedo, suit, and dress. Your MC is to dress according to the formality of your event with shiny shoes to match.

For the wedding MC reading this post, take into consideration the items listed above and the following as well:

1) Prepare all your materials in advance. From the opening speech to humorous stories, jokes and entertaining pieces, make sure you are ready before the big day arrives.

2) Check the reception venue setup before the wedding or ask about it. From cordless mics to speakers in great condition, make sure you have the equipment you’ll need to make progress as the true professional you are.

3) On the wedding day, you might have to revise your plans/material to suit the guests. Pay attention to the wedding guests, if you see them getting bored, not laughing at your jokes and having lots of side conversations rather than paying attention to what you are saying, then you’ve lost your audience.  Modify your preplanned strategy accordingly to get the  attention of the guests back fast.

4) A great MC knows not to constantly crave the limelight but to let it clearly rest on the bride and groom.

Most importantly, the relationship responsibilities of a MC are not set permanently in stone. It ultimately depends on the type of wedding and the role the bride and groom wants the MC to play.  Nonetheless, whatever the case maybe, the wedding MC is to encourage laughter, keep guests entertained, bride and groom relaxed, comfortable, and at peace.

Do you have any pleasant or horror wedding MC stories you’ll like to share?! Lets us know! Leave a comment

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