/What Does Date/Dating Actually Mean

What Does Date/Dating Actually Mean

Since we are on the issue of “keep the change” I thought i should  also write my thought about it because there seem to be a confusion somewhere about the word date.


Some guys need to learn and understand that going on dates is for both parties to get to know each other better. If we don’t go on dates, how do I know what you do that I detest? How do i know you are someone i can actually be in a relationship with?. So I can decide to go on a second date with you if the first date was fine. It could be me giving you a second chance if the first date was a disaster.

I think the whole idea of going on dates is on another level now as some guys see it as a green light. Some guys would even ask you to follow them home just to know them better. Like! Really? Hello! What happened to getting to know each other better?

So guys, understand that going on date doesn’t translate into a relationship. We can go on five dates and i still dont think you’re cool enough for me. And to the girls, we can tell if we want to date a guy on the first date or not. Don’t make it seem like you’re hungry. Learn to say no if you are not interested in a second date. Don’t lead a guy on when you know you don’t have an intention of dating him. Anyway that’s my on take on it.

Got go to now, I’m preparing for a date. I’ll let you guys know how it went. And did I mention that with Savingz with ogaVenue, you get to pay just 15% deposit instead of the initial 50% deposit.? So imagine paying 15% deposit and you pay in instalment at your convenience and you still get to keep your change.

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