/Customer Service Skill Every Employee Needs

Customer Service Skill Every Employee Needs

“Kind words do not cost much, yet they accomplish much” -Blaise Pascal  “The most important adage and the only adage is, customer comes first, whatever the business, the customer comes first” – Kerry Stokes.



Have you ever been rudely attended to by someone who was rendering you a service? I know we all have at least maybe once have been in a situation like that and you got really angry. Yeah, that is what this post is about, bad customer service. What spurred this post was what transpired between myself and a guy who was supposed to help do something, mind you i had no problem with payment. Fast forward to the deadline we agreed to, he was nowhere to be found, he kept ignoring my calls and chat. And i wonder how many people he would have done that to and how many customers he has lost due to his bad customer service. It wouldn’t have cost anything to say it wasn’t ready and i wouldn’t have bothered.

What i noticed in our part of the world is the lack excellent customer service. Would it cost anything to be nice? And most don’t even care about it. Some believe if a customer leaves, another would come but that means losing one customer. “Customers may forget how you talk to them but will never forget how you made them feel”- Unknown. I believe if you are kind to customers, they’d even refer you to their friends.

And again, people are now used to poor customer service. Just few companies stand out. I hung out with my friend at a restaurant at Ikeja City Mall not too long ago and i was amazed at the level of the treatment given to us. The customer Service was excellent and i was so impressed i promised myself to hang out at the restaurant again.

I think the problem also has to do with the way many companies treat employees as commodities, especially during challenging economic times. Companies have little loyalty to employees and employees have little loyalty to them and their customers. Also many companies and people don’t really value delivering better service. They do just enough to get by. They don’t get very good service as customers so why give it to others?

I think if people delivered the same bad service to themselves, how would they feel? I mean how would you feel if such was done to you? Would you get angry and demand to be treated better? Yes! So why treat others how you wouldn’t want to be treated? We shouldn’t have a non-caring attitude to customers and people generally. It doesn’t cost anything to care about customers and also doing the right thing would go a long way.


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