/Why You Should Consider A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Why You Should Consider A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

A pre-wedding photo shoot is, as the name implies, a photo shoot staged before the wedding. And although the idea still sounds odd and perplexing to many, it is a style that is fast gaining ground in many parts of the world.  It is, by some miles, the most popular trend in weddings today.

Now, some couples absolutely love the idea of a pre-wedding shoot; some couples think it’s a waste of time and money; and there are those who say that they simply prefer ‘candid’ shots.

But if you asked me, I’d say, ‘oh yeah, go for it!’

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a pre-wedding shoot.

A pre-wedding photo shoot establishes a connection between you and your photographer.

Even if you have hired the best photographer in the world, it is important that you know how he works. It is equally important that he get a ‘camera perspective’ of you and your partner. After all, the man is going to be capturing one of the most romantic and exciting days of your life. So a pre-wedding shoot helps you establish good rapport and gives you a glimpse of his shooting style. In turn, he gets to discover your best angles and true characters.

You will have a portfolio of beautiful, professional pictures that can be used in the run-up to your wedding.

These shots can be used on invitation cards, personalized wedding gifts, and souvenirs. Pasted online as ‘appetizers’; and they can be arranged into a slideshow to be prominently displayed during the wedding, or more appropriately, the reception.

A pre-wedding shoot affords you the opportunity to document your love story.

It’s usually a sweet idea to give the world a glimpse of how you found love. And the best way to tell your love story is through a pre-wedding shoot. If you want to take it a notch higher, then you might consider a pre-wedding video shoot. Right. Like a real documentary. But pictures are perfect—they too tell stories just fine. You may recreate the scene of your courtship days; you and your partner may decide to go to the location where you first met; where you had your first date; or just somewhere you love to go together.

A pre-wedding shoot affords you all the luxury that you might not enjoy on the big day

Weddings are busy occasions, and couples easily get caught up in the buzz, the excitement, and the noise. A pre-wedding shoot allows couples to actually pose in a calm, carefree, and relaxed environment and capture beautiful moments that would otherwise be forever lost and forgotten.

A pre-wedding shoot is fun!

Letting your imaginations run wild, telling your stories through pictures, choosing a particular location or theme, shopping, travelling to exotic places (if you’re really boxed up), exhibiting all the poses in your head without stress and anxiety, bonding with your partner and taking intimate shots, reveling in your love journey, and creating a memorable album is really, really fun!

Ademola Adeyoju

Image: Photography by Cedar


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