/Questions You Should Ask Before Booking an Event Venue

Questions You Should Ask Before Booking an Event Venue

Your event venue will definitely pay a major role in making your event memorable. There are certain factors you should put into consideration and questions that need to be answered in order to help you make a proper evaluation.

Will the venue be available on my preferred date?

You need to make sure that the venue will be available on your wedding day. If it isn’t, you have two options; move the date, or just move on from the venue. However, if you’re more flexible about the date, then you shouldn’t experience much of a problem.

How much do I have to pay for everything?

Venue owners go straight to the point most times, so they’ll probably be the ones to even get you a bill. However, make sure to know what that bill entails. What extra services are being offered? Depending on what you get, you need to make sure that the price is reasonable.

How convenient is the location?

The location has to be one which your guests will have no issues traveling to.  If the event will be held in your hometown or somewhere that is generally easy to get to, then you shouldn’t really have an issue. However, if you opt for a destination wedding for example at a location that’s far, then you might have to consider that some people (the elderly, or those who generally have issues with travelling) will most likely not be able to attend.

What is the minimum (and maximum) capacity?

When it comes to event venues, this is one of the biggest questions. A lot of venues have strict and stern regulations about capacity. You will also not want to have few guests in a gargantuan wedding space- it will look just too scanty.

What does the venue generally look like?

When you ask this question, there’s a high chance that you’ll get an instantaneous and pretty descriptive answer.

Does it fit your taste?

If what you want is a rustic and vintage-style wedding, you might not get that in a hotel. Also, if there’s any part of the venue hat you have but that can’t possibly be removed (like statues, architectural properties, etc.), will you be able to accommodate them?

Will I have to put much work into decorating it to my taste?

There are certain event venues- such as ornate ballrooms- that come in with their own custom decoration already. Basically, you won’t really need to add much for the most part. However, there are other venues that will need a boatload of decoration in order to bring out the beauty in them. This decoration project will most likely be time-consuming and capital-demanding as well.

Dahunsi Oyedele

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