/The Joy Of Becoming A Big Sister

The Joy Of Becoming A Big Sister

Have you ever had your little niece or nephew call you Big Sister or Brother? You just have a happy feeling being responsible to them, you spoil them and also happy to take care of them. You feel you have to protect them no matter what.

There’s a particular bond you feel that is indescribable like they are the bane of your existence. They annoy you and you love them regardless. Their seemingly endless “rhetorical questions” which could be frustrating but still, you wouldn’t want to hurt them by not answering or listening to them. They look up to you and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them, they tug at the clothe and you look into their cute eyes and you swear you’ll do anything to protect them.

Have you ever had to see them fall and you quickly run to carry them. Pet them and wish you had fallen down or cry in their stead?  You cant imagine your life without them and no matter how much they drive you up the wall. You can never stop loving them. It’s just there, that seriously fierce love.

Yes! That is how i feel when my nephews and nieces call me Big Sister. Finally that said, i say welcome to the world my cute niece. Big sister is going to love and take care of you. I got you my baby.


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