/The Aso Ebi Obsession

The Aso Ebi Obsession

One thing I still don’t understand is the obsession behind Aso Ebi. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t have anything against it, I just don’t like expensive aso ebi. I like the uniformity.

And I don’t understand why brides choose expensive asoebi and force their friends to buy or give an ultimatum to pay. What happened to picking not so expensive asoebi? What happened to getting less expensive asoebi? At times, buying the asoebi determines your entrance into the venue. It also determines if you’d be served food or given souvenir or not.

I remember when a friend of mine wanted to go for a wedding and asked if I could tag along, of course I obliged thinking I could hook myself up with a nice Yoruba angel(story for another day). If not that my friend was putting on the asoebi, we wouldn’t have been served food.

Another thing is the fact that in this harsh economy, someone’s aso ebi is between 15,000 and 100,000 naira. Is it my money you want to use to plan your wedding? And again after buying the aso ebi and attending the event, they won’t even talk to you again or say thanks especially brides.  It’s just like they’ve been waiting to get married and cut off  communication with you. And with the way marriages crash these days, imagine after buying aso ebi of over 50,000 naira, you now want to divorce after 2 months. The couple better return my money.

So as for me, I’m done with buying aso ebi. It’s not a crime to slay in another material that is different from aso ebi.

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Image: Frank Ugah

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