/All You Need To Know About Internships

All You Need To Know About Internships

Internships are an excellent way of learning and developing yourself.  They also present you with the opportunity of contributing to the growth and development of your preferred employer. However, in order not to make wrong decisions when starting your internship, you need to be aware of the following:

Discover your interests

It is most advisable that you apply for an internship in a sector that is of personal interest to you. If you see yourself as a ‘people person’ and you have excellent communication skills. You might want to try your hand at something in customer service. If you’re always abreast of the latest online trends and influences and you have a passion for exploring new ways to connect. You might want to seriously consider a career in the information technology and digital industry.

However, it is also possible for you not to be particularly sure about what to choose or which path you should follow. If you fall into this category of people, then it is recommended that you speak to a career adviser or browse through an online career guide. Any of these can help you to seek out the jobs and industries that you are most interested in.

The perfect location

It is much better for you to have your internship in a place near your base (your base could be where you live school, etc.). This make for easy transport and you’ll find that things are much easier. So if you’re studying aw in Dubai and you’re looking to get an internship, you might want to get an opportunity in a law firm in Dubai, and not another country.

Working away from home will also help broaden your horizon, open you up to new experiences that you might not be able to get where you are. Discover which you’ll prefer and make your decision.

Discover your ideal employer

It is possible for your internship search to be restricted due to the amount of opportunities that exist in your desired sector. It is still advisable that you examine your preferred type of employer. If you’re a lawyer in Dubai, will you prefer working for a small and relatively developing law firm or the biggest law firm in Dubai?

Here’s the kicker; if you work at a smaller company, then you’ll be able to build relationships with your co-workers more quickly. However, when you work with a firm that’s ‘big’ (at least, when considering certain criteria). You’ll get to see new faces and most probably get the opportunity to travel to more places and expand your horizon.

Is it the best for your future?

Once you have been able to develop an idea about your desired internship. Look at the bigger picture. Will you be able to develop through this internship? Can this internship help you gain the skills to move you from where you are now? Will it move you to where you’ll like to be in 5 years? Address these questions in order to determine whether your chosen internship will help develop and prepare you for the future you see yourself in.

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