/7th Day Of Christmas: Best Makeup Skincare Tips This Season

7th Day Of Christmas: Best Makeup Skincare Tips This Season

The food and gifting aside, you’ve also got to look good for Christmas and like they say, looking good is serious business. This is why for Christmas we’ve selected tips for makeup and skincare especially for the season.

It isn’t enough to know what to buy, or have a good idea of how you want to look, there are certain tips and tricks you should know and trust us…it’ll go a long way!




1. Red lips or nude?

The obvious choice would be red for that brighter and bold look. Plus it works with the Christmas colours of yellow and green. However, nude lips we’ve found also works as its less dramatic and allows you play more with your eyes.

2. For the love of glitter

You’ve spent the rest of the year blending in and toning down your shadow. This Christmas, play around with some glitter and the effect we’re sure would surprise you.

3. Your nails

A nude nail is a classic go-to for the season. A dash of glitter will take it from neutral to festive and it goes with every king of outfit you could possible want to wear. Other fun colors to try include gold, green, blue and of course red.

4. Hydrate

The importance of water cannot be over emphasized. We know there’ll be a lot of outings and fun places to be but once in a while, swap you glass of bubbly for a bottle of water. It actually helps!

5. Moisturize

The cold temperature and dry weather means dry chapped skin. You should carry a moisturizer along with you wherever you go.


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