/5 Ways To Cure Your Pre-Wedding Jitters

5 Ways To Cure Your Pre-Wedding Jitters

Your wedding is around the corner, and you can feel it from afar. A feeling of elation and excitement to start a new life with your partner, and also the nervousness just before the wedding day! Pre-wedding jitters can become evident during the days leading up to the event, and may be extremely distracting on the actual wedding day. The goal of your big day is to relax and enjoy your special time with your beloved, family, and friends. With a little preparation, you can avoid those jitters completely.

  1. Think of all the reasons why you love your partner. You’re getting married to someone you truly love – at least you should be! Bringing to mind those positive feelings will help flood you with joy whenever you start to feel anxious or nervous. Think about: All the ways he or she has shown you that they love you. A trait of theirs that you really cherish. All of the things you have in common.


  1. Listen to soothing music. You may be surprised at how effective relaxing music can be at soothing anxiety. Whether you listen to mellow instrumentals or down-tempo jazz, the result will be the same. You’ll notice how much more relaxed you are after listening to gentle music in a quiet place.


  1. Get spiritually calm. You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. Being spiritual just involves getting in touch with your inner strength and drawing on that to take you through challenges. Spend some time with a spiritual leader. This can be someone who shares your faith also. Or perhaps talk to a friend or family member whose advice you trust and radiates peace. Meditate in the privacy of your bedroom or a luxurious, relaxing bath. You can also find peace and contentment meditating outdoors surrounded by the sights, sounds, and smells of nature. Connect with your inner self. From that connection, you’ll be able to build your confidence and quell any doubts.


  1. Soak in a lavender bath. If curing those pre-wedding jitters means drawing yourself a lavender bath every time you feel antsy, just do it! And also lavender is proven to have calming effects. Try soaking in a moderately warm, herb-infused bath for about fifteen minutes. It’ll help melt those jitters away!


  1. Laugh. When you laugh, your body releases stress-fighting substances. Laughter helps you relax and also release tension. Call a friend with a great sense of humour and tell them that you need a little perspective on your big day. Check out a comedy show or a funny movie. Whatever you choose to help you laugh, fully engage with it. That way, you’ll get the most out of your precious relaxation time.


In conclusion, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You and your partner have made every effort to ensure the day goes smoothly also. Be sure to plan a little time to relax beforehand. Then you’ll have the memorable, fulfilling wedding you’ve been dreaming of!

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